Tarta de queso y mermelada de ciruelas rojas y mango

Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

Deliciously creamy! Ingredients Base: Cookie Maria (1 Package) Salted butter or salt (1/2 cup) Azucar (2 tablespoons) Filled: Cream cheese (700 gr.) Eggs (3 units) Vanilla (1 tsp) Sugar (1 cup) Decoration (strawberry syrup): Strawberries (1/2 kilo) Drinking water (1 cup) Sugar (1/2 kilo) Lemon juice (2 tsp) Preparation: Base: We must crush the biscuits […]


Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Ingredients Cake: Leavening wheat flour (2 cups) Cocoa powder (2 tablespoons) Unsalted butter (115 gr) Sugar (1 cup) Eggs (2 units) Vanilla (1 tsp) liquid milk (1 cup) Vinagte white (1 tablespoon) red dye powder (2 tablespoons) Cream: Cream cheese (300 gr) Unsalted butter (90 gr) Vanilla (1 tsp) Powdered sugar (250 gr) preparation Cake: […]


Lemon Carlota recipe

  Ingredients: Cookie Maria (1 package) Evaporated milk (1 can) condensed milk (1 can) Lemon juice (1/2 cup) Lemon zest Preparation: Whisk evaporated milk, condensed milk and lemon juice. In a mold place a little of the mixture, then a layer of biscuit marie, mixing then another and so on until the top layer is […]


Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Ingredients Marie biscuit (2 packages) Condensed milk (1/2 can) Unsalted butter (100 gr) Cocoa powder (3 tablespoons) Melted semisweet chocolate (20 g) Chocolate Rain preparation Spritz cookies and reserve. In double boiler melt butter and chocolate over medium heat. Then remove from heat and incorporate the condensed milk and cocoa, stir until the ingredients are […]


Pineapple Cake Recipe

Fluffy, juicy and truly delicious! Ingredients: Margarine or butter (300 gr) Sugar (1 ½ cups) Eggs (4 units) Self-rising flour (3 cups) Baking powder (1 teaspoon) Pineapple juice (1 cup) P iña sliced (1 can) Vanilla (1 tsp) Preparation: Beat margarine until creamy, add sugar until dissolved and rinse, stir in the eggs one by […]


Brownies Recipe

  Ingredients Chocolate milk (250 gr) Butter at room temperature (180 gr) Powdered sugar (250 gr) Common sugar (200 gr) Eggs (6 units) Vanilla (1 tsp) Wheat flour (250 gr) Salt (1 pinch) chopped nuts (150 gr) Preparation: Chop the chocolate and melt in double boiler. Beat butter with powdered sugar and table sugar until […]


Passion Fruit Pie Recipe

  Among the citrus and tropical … Exquisite! Ingredients Base: Cookie Maria (1 Package) Butter with salt or no salt (80 gr.) Sugar (2 tablespoons) Filled: passion fruit juice (1/2 cup) Cream cheese (200 gr.) Yolk (4 units) condensed milk (400 gr.) Passion Fruit syrup: Passion fruit (1/2 kilo) Sugar (250 gr.) Water (70 ml.) […]


Pancakes Recipe

Ingredients Wheat flour (1 ½ cup) Baking powder (3 teaspoons) Sugar (½ cup) Pinch of salt Pinch of cinnamon Eggs (2 units) Condensed milk (200 gr) liquid milk (1/4 cup) Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) Preparation: Whisk or blend all ingredients. Pour one part of the preparation on a nonstick pan greased with a little butter […]


Oreo Cheesecake Recipe

If this is Oreo you have to prepare this recipe you’ll love … Do not miss it! Ingredients Base: Oreos (22 units) Butter (80 gr.) Filled: Cream cheese at room temperature (3 cups) Whipping cream (2 cups) Sugar (2/3 cup) Vanilla extract (2 teaspoons) Decor: Oreos (6 units) Preparation: Base: Grind cookies in blender, then […]


Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Ingredients: Biscuit: Eggs (4 units) Sugar (¾ cup) Vanilla (1 tsp) All-purpose flour (¾ cup) Cream: evaporated milk (1 can) condensed milk (1 can) Cream milk (1 can) Full liquid milk (1 cup) Meringue Egg whites (6) Sugar (1¼ cups) cream of tartar (2 teaspoons) Preparation: Sponge Cake: Separate the eggs. In a bowl beat […]